Friday, February 4, 2011

by Kimberly Kohatsu

In my capacity as CallFire's Director of Marketing, I am trying not only to market CallFire as a brand, but to help our clients, most of whom are small business owners, market themselves.

First, I shared some best practices for opt-in text marketing. This week, I'm sharing tips on how to create an effective voice broadcast campaign. And we should know. Last month alone, CallFire helped businesses send over 10 million voice broadcasts.

This video covers how to script your message, how to time your message, whether you should consider using a professional voice, and most importantly, what to do after your campaign has run. If you are interested in running a subset campaign, watch this video with my colleague Ryan.

I hope you find this video helpful, and I encourage you to share any of the tips and tricks you've learned in using Voice Broadcast in the comments below.