Monday, November 15, 2010
Lauren Whitted, Punit Shah (CIO), Puneet Shah, Dinesh Ravishanker (CEO), Chathri MunasingheThis past Saturday, the American Diabetes Association raised over $280,000 at Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes 2010 -- and CallFire was there to help. Members of the CallFire team brought their friends and family along with them for the 5K walk through Universal Studios to help support the nonprofit cause. They even put together a way for other participants to call a into a local number and record their reason for walking that day. You can listen to what people had to say by going to GeoGraffiti, clicking on any one of the recordings on the left, and then pressing the play button. Many of you told us you were there to help find a cure and do something positive for the community; others walked for family members -- in support of a brother, sister, or parent afflicted by the disease; and then there were those walking for yourselves, proudly stating that you wouldn't let diabetes hold you back. No matter what your reason, thank you for donating to the cause and for taking the time out of your Saturday to be there. CallFire hopes to see you again in the future at events like this!