Wednesday, November 10, 2010
This Saturday, November 13th, thousands of people will gather at 9am at the Universal Studios Backlot to help fight diabetes by walking in the 5K (3.1 mile) Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes event -- and CallFire team members will be there too! Don’t miss an opportunity to meet the CallFire team. Just look for us there in these shirts:
Even if you don’t see us, still give a call to (213) 260-9765 and let us know why you’re walking on Saturday. It's also not too late to still join the effort. You can register as an individual or a team by going to the official Step Out website and clicking “create a team” or “register as an individual.” If you don’t have a team, join ours! Just click on “Join a Team,” search for “callfire” in the Team Name field, and click “join” at the bottom right. We’d love to have you! Already signed up as a team? Want a simple way to remind your team about the event? CallFire can help you send quick, easy messages to your team the day before the walk – either through a voice or SMS blast. Register now and give a quick call to our customer care line at (213) 221-2289 to receive 100 free minutes and enable text messaging. Then, take a few more minutes to create a simple voice or a SMS campaign that will send a pre-recorded message to everyone on your team at a specified time. See, quick and easy!
So check out how CallFire can help you organize your team, look for us at Universal on Saturday, and after the event, let us know if you saw us, or how you used CallFire. We always want to hear from you.