Monday, April 20, 2009

This weekend, CallFire developers rolled out a great new feature: Inbound telephone service.  Now, you can buy Toll Free & Local telephone numbers with only a few clicks on our website!

This powerful new feature allows you to track which advertising campaigns generate you the most sales calls.


Call Tracking Routing Toll Free Numbers CallFire

So, what does this mean for you?

Buy Toll Free or Local numbers

Purchase one, or thousands of numbers for your business.  By displaying unique phone numbers to each of your advertising campaigns, your sales team can monitor which ads are driving the most phone calls.  And of course, with CallFire's pay-as-you-go platform, you can stop receiving calls on your new number at any time.

Nationwide Call Forwarding

All local & toll free phone numbers can forward to your existing phone number.   Your cost during a forwarded call is 5c/minute for local numbers and 8c/minute for Toll Free.

Know which ADs make your phones ring

Create useful reports and visualize your callers patterns.  You may find that some campaigns drive more sales calls than others.  This data can be used to make valuable marketing decisions.

Developer tools and APIs

Integrators, please visit to learn more about CallFire's Voice APIs.  Publishers & large advertisers can use APIs to purchase & provision DIDs.  Call us to learn more at 877.897.FIRE.

Only $2/month + 8c/min

For Toll Free numbers... for local numbers, it's only: $1/month + 5c/min.