Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say that 5 times fast!   A lot goes into a well made Voice Mashup.  Not only do Voice Mashup API apps have to find a target audience, but in order to gain popularity it is essential that they generate plenty of location-specific content.  One of CallFire’s earliest clients, has done a pretty good job at that.  

GeoGraffiti's Voice Map has grown from a 3-user proof-of-concept, to over 10,000 users on iPhone, Android &, all in less than 1 year.

The CallFire team is happy to help enable GeoGraffiti’s success by providing Voice Mashup APIsthat scale, and a hosted IVR platform that handles recording, inbound IVR, and other Voice API features that drive GeoGraffiti’s Phone Mashup.

Check out some of our favorite Voice Mashups: – this site seems to have the most traction & users. – An interesting voice map with a cool UI. – SMS/Voice Mashup for Celebs.

Voice Mashup links:’s Voice Mashup Concast.