Friday, February 20, 2009

What's all the Homesourcing buzz about?  Isn't that what CallFire has been doing for years? ;)

Homesourcing is a hot buzzword that is strongly associated with the growing Virtual Call Center market.  In short, homesourcers will hire, or move existing agents, to their homes.  This allows agents to work from the comfort of home while allowing administrators the ability to monitor and control an agent's call volume.

We hope CallFire had something to do with this growing trend.   And most importantly, CallFire is a green solution for call centers with too many commuters.

CallFire's Homesourcing features
* Support 1 to 500 agents, with NO hardware or software.
* Set up your Virtual Call Center and begin dialing in minutes!
* Prices start at only 3.5 cents per minute, per line.
* Use your agent's home internet connection, PC & telephone.!
* Easy to use interfaces make tracking statistics quick and simple.
* Monitor agent productivity and listen to calls remotely.

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