Monday, January 26, 2009

For those of you that aren’t aware of CallFire's Call Tracking solution, listen up!  The CallFire  Consulting team can develop a Toll-Free or Local Telephone Number Call Tracking solution that works for you.

Question: My company does a lot of internet, radio, tv & other unique advertising where we say or display a telephone number.   What can Call Tracking do for us?
Answer: Simple – It can help you figure out which advertising campaigns drive the most telephone calls and usually the greatest ROI.

Call Tracking provides actionable answers to simple business-questions, like:
Which online Ads drive the most phone calls to my sales line?
Which infomercial resulted in the most telephone inquiries?
Which advertising measure results in many calls, but perhaps very few sales?
What time do most internet & standard radio hear my audio Ads.

Our call tracking solution provides real-time call statistics.  This cost-saving data can help trim down your marketing budget by revealing underperforming ad-campaigns and promote those that bear the greatest ROI.

Get one or thousands of Toll Free Numbers for national campaigns.
Handle thousands of simultaneous calls. Vanity numbers available.
Get thousands of unique telephone numbers for each campaign you want to track.
Display unique toll-free phone for each Adwords, Yahoo, Radio, Print, Online and TV ad.

Use Local Telephone Numbers for geo-targeted campaigns.
Statistics show consumers are more likely to dial a local telephone matching their own area code.
Display different Local Numbers for individual, geo-targeted campaign.
Increase advertising budgets in profitable areas and remove costly, fruitless advertising.

What kind of data will I be able to view or generate using Call Tracking?
Complete hourly, daily, weekly & monthly call-volume graphs & statistics.
View all missed calls and complete call-detail-records.
Average call duration and busiest phone numbers.
Record every telephone call.

Interested in setting up a Call Tracking campaign?  Contact us today.