Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our many users have since gotten used to the famed 'My Campaigns' page. The page was designed with simplicity in mind. For example, in theory there could be infinite campaigns and a finite number of actions for each, it was deemed best to have all campaigns listed and then to have all the actions for the campaign as part of a single drop down menu.



In effect, for every action, you would first have to select the campaign, and then go up to the drop down menu, and select the action. Well, it turns out some times simplicity creates complexity. We found that 80% of our customers were 20% of the functionality 80% of the time. So we figured, why not make those tasks easily accessible.

Ladies & Gentlemen! We Present the new 'My Campaigns' Page!



Alongside each campaign, you'll see easy access buttons to start, stop, schedule, and delete a campaign. Sure, it will add more clutter--I mean color--to the page, but hey it's convenient, and hence simple! We expect that this small enhancement will go a long way towards the usability of the site. As for those who just love our drop-down menu, rest assured, you can still do things the old way.

Quote of the Day:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.--Leonardo Da Vinci