Transfers the active call to a specified phone number.


The phone number to be transferred to (required, must be a valid phone number). To enter multiple transfer numbers (see mode attribute), separate the phone numbers with commas.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
callerid Y variable or number A numerical caller ID that will show on the caller's phone. To put in the Callers number add ${call.callerid}
calleridalpha N any text An alpha numeric caller ID ( if supported by carrier ).
musiconhold N silence, default Music to play while the call waits to be connected. Default tone is ringing.
continue-after N true, false If attribute exists, then after the transfer the user keeps moving through the dial plan. Default value is false.
mode N ringall, waterfall Ringall will call each number waiting for the first to answer. Waterfall will try next number if the first transfer fails. Default value is ringall. Separate phone numbers by commas.
timeout N integer Will end transfer attempt after the timeout (seconds). No timeout if not specified.
whisper-tts N any text The text to speech you wish to be played the called party just before the call connects the callee to the caller.


Transfer the call to 5555552312 using the callerid 5555551234. We want silent hold music and named the node transfer-sales.


This example will attempt to call the three numbers in succession. If the first one fails, the next one is tried. The callerid will be of the person that called in. The node is named transfer-sales.


Transfer the call to 5555552312. Play the words "This call is from CallFire" to the called party just before connecting.