Setting up an automated system for reaching lots of customers by phone probably sounds daunting, but it's not — CallFire makes it easy! Our simple, cost-effective Voice Broadcast product immediately adds value to your business by allowing you to contact far more people in far less time.

The Three Easy Steps

Creating a CallFire Voice Broadcast campaign is a snap. All it takes is three easy steps and you're done!

  1. Select Your Sounds — Create recordings for various scenarios related to your outgoing calls, including those answered by a live person or answering machine. Also enable the transfer function, so that potential customers can speak with your representatives immediately!
  2. Add Your Contacts — Upload a list of people you'll reach from your computer, or paste it in from a text source. If you've conducted campaigns before, you can choose a list you've already used or filter from previous calls or texts.
  3. Finalize Your Settings — Name your campaign, designate the phone number that people will see when you call, and set the maximum number of calls that our system will make simultaneously. Other options include automatic redialing, time restrictions and creation of schedules.

Okay, so there's your quick overview of Voice Broadcast at CallFire. Let's get started!