1. I hear there is a new CallFire website and user interface. I’m a user of the previous version. How do I access the features on the new CallFire?

If you’re a current user of the previous version of CallFire, you will use the same URL — www.CallFire.com — to access our user interface. First, you’ll see the new site, along with the LOGIN button in the upper-right corner. Once you log in, you’ll be taken to the previous version of CallFire, where you can use our products as usual.

To create an account on the new CallFire, click on the yellow “Create an account" link at the bottom of that initial login screen mentioned earlier. Enter the appropriate information, and click on the blue Create Account button. Our system will recognize your login email address, and thus will send you to the previous site.

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2. Why did my payment fail?

There can be several factors, but a common one is that all or part of the address you gave us during billing does not match the address your bank has on file for your credit card. Thus, the address verification system rejected the transaction.

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3. Can direct inward dialing (DID) numbers be used for texting?

Yes. However, if you are using a DID for texting, the number of texts sent and the number received need to be close to a 1-1 ratio.

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4. How do I upload numbers?

You can upload numbers from your computer using Microsoft Excel, comma-separated value (CSV), new line-separated, and many other popular formats. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Upload page of the Contact Selection section of the new CallFire’s help documentation.

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5. How much do your products cost?

Information on the pricing of various CallFire products can be found on the Pricing page of the new CallFire site.

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6. Where do I sign up for the webinars?

You can sign up for our free webinars on Text Messaging, Voice Broadcast, Cloud Call Center and Hosted IVR by visiting the Training section of our main Help page.

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7. How do I port numbers in the new CallFire?

The new CallFire makes the switching, or “porting,” of your existing numbers over to our service easy. You can find instructions on how to do so in the Porting Numbers section of our Help documentation section.

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8. How do I delete contacts?

Click on LISTS in the top navigation bar of the new CallFire. Then, you have two options. On the Contact List page, you can check the box next to a list, and choose the Archive pulldown menu. Or, you can click on All Contacts in the left-hand column, check on the box next to the contacts you’d like to delete, and then select the Archive pulldown menu.

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9. How do I delete sound files?

When you log in to your account, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on Settings. Next, click on Sounds from the left-hand menu choices. Check the box of the sound file you would like to delete, and then select from the Archive pulldown menu. From there, you will be able to go into the Sounds tab and choose to archive old sound files.

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10. When I run a statistical report for my Call Tracking number, why is the "Total" amount of calls usually double the "Transfer" amount?

The calls "Total" shows both legs of a call: The initial call to the direct inward dialing (DID) number, as well as the transfer call to the transfer number. ▲ Back to top