At CallFire, we like to think of ourselves as being in the contact business. Our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to contact the folks you want to reach, with a message you want them to receive. This Managing Contacts help section will show you just how to do that. We promise — once you get the hang of it, you'll find there's nothing to it!

Managing Contacts

Juggling different lists of people you want to contact, via different methods, may sound challenging, but CallFire makes it easy. CallFire provides you with lots of important tools that allow you to effectively target your audience, find errors in your lists of contacts and resolve them, and manage the always-important Do Not Call list.

In this help section, you'll learn about ...

  1. Adding Contacts to Campaigns — You have five options to add contacts, including copy & paste, upload, add a single contact, choose an existing list, or use a filter to drill down deeper.
  2. Contact Lists — Once called "Phonebooks" in earlier versions of CallFire, the Contact Lists option allows you to easily create and manage new lists of contacts.
  3. Validating Contacts — CallFire doesn't want you sending out a bunch of texts or calls that don't go through. What's the point in that? So we've designed seven — yes, seven! — system safeguards that check the accuracy of the lists of contacts you create. For example, our system notifies you if you fail to format a number correctly, if a phone number is invalid, if a number is duplicated in your list, or if a number is on your Do Not Contact list.
  4. Do Not Contact List — For all your text and broadcast campaigns, you are required to offer the people you contact the option of not being contacted again. CallFire lets you create, maintain and update this crucial list easily and effectively.

You may only utilize some of the above capabilities, depending upon the number of people you need to contact or how sophisticated the information you need. But it all starts with knowing how to add contacts to your campaigns. So come along with us to the next section!