Our new telephony platform — The New CallFire — offers customers many new benefits and options compared to our legacy CallFire user interface. This section gives a brief overview of the advantages it offers in our major product categories. Read on!

  1. Voice Broadcast — Among the enhancements we've made to our Voice Broadcast product are far easier management of lists, simpler management of sound files, and a more powerful tool for creating subset campaigns.
  2. Text Broadcast — You'll find that the New CallFire now provides you with auto-reply capability, greater personalization of text messages, and the ability to use your phone numbers for long code texting.
  3. Call Tracking — Our more robust Call Tracking product makes searching for numbers far easier, gives access to powerful features such as Office Hours and Google Analytics, and provides much improved reporting capabilities.
  4. IVR — Our Interactive Voice Response product makes creating inbound and outbound phone trees earsier than ever, giving you greater flexibility during creation. And the phone numbers on your inbound IVRs can even receive texts!
Let's learn more about the unlimited potential of the New CallFire!