Our totally redesigned user interface — the New CallFire — offers more options for creating campaigns and reaching customers. Here are the three main benefits it brings to our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product.

Part of a more scalable, responsive platform

The New CallFire has more capacity and more power than our previous platform. You'll find far more options and far more features to tailor campaigns to your needs. Our enhanced IVR product is just one of the major upgrades to our system.

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Phone numbers on inbound IVRs can receive texts

The phone number you purchase for your inbound IVR now has more than one purpose. It not only serves as a phone tree, but also can receive texts from your customers. 

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Greater flexibility in IVR creation

In addition to the ability to create IVRs with our icon-based IVR Designer tool or with your own code, you can now load existing IVRs and tailor them to your new campaign. 

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