“The New CallFire," our totally redesigned user interface, offers more options for creating campaigns and reaching customers.

Although there are many benefits, here are the three main benefits that this more powerful platform brings to users of our Text Broadcast product.

Long Code Texting

In the new CallFire, when you buy a phone number, you can use it to send and receive texts. You're no longer limited to using the CallFire shared short code. Very cool!

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Auto-Reply Capability

Our new system features an auto-reply capability, both inbound and outbound. You set up a message in advance, and when people respond to your Text Broadcast message, they receive your auto-reply message.

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Personalization of Text Messages

The New CallFire also gives you more options to personalize your Text Broadcast messages. If your message runs longer than the limit of 160 characters, you can choose to have our system send it in two parts (for an extra charge). So convenient!

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