CallFire's Call Tracking product is an easy and cost-effective way to increase the return on investment of your advertising dollars. You buy local or toll-free numbers, and then place a different one in each of your advertising categories, such as billboards, Internet ads, newspaper ads, television commercials and direct-mail pieces. The response you get to each of these dedicated phone numbers tells you which advertising method works best. So let's learn how to get this fantastic resource working for you!

The Three Easy Steps

Maximize your advertising results with Call Tracking campaigns from CallFire. Start by clicking 'Create' in the upper left hand corner after logging into your account and then choose 'Create Call Tracking' in the Call Tracking box. Then just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Purchasing Numbers — It's really very simple. You cannot create a Call Tracking campaign without purchasing at least one phone number. In this first step, if you have not already done so, you will buy a phone number or numbers that are local to your city or zip code, found by area code, or that are toll free.
  2. Selecting Numbers — Once you purchase phone numbers from CallFire, then you need to select which one to use in each of your Call Tracking campaigns.
  3. Configuring Settings — Next, you'll decide which of CallFire's powerful Call Tracking options you want to enable for your campaign. Configure such settings as recording all incoming calls, enabling voice mail if a call is not transferred properly, or creating introductory and "whisper" messages. But wait — there's more! You can even set "office hours" for your campaigns, as well as include insightful Google Analytics tracking. Wow!

Those are your Call Tracking campaign basics. As they say, knowledge is power, so let's put your newfound knowledge and the power of Call Tracking to work for your business. Read on!