The goto attribute within this tag will execute when the defined value occurs. This goto executes immediately, interrupting the currently running script. The "catch" tag is only available using the XML editor


The contents within this tag are the tags to watch for the special catch scenario.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
type Y hangup digit Defines type of user input
value Y 0 - 9 or * Required when type="digit"
goto Y any node Any predefined node name


The following example shows a "catch" of the digit "0" automatically sending it to the operator:

          Please enter "one" if you agree. Enter zero at any time to reach an operator.


The following occurs when the call is hung up. It takes certain information and stashes it in the Call Details report before the IVR terminates:

              Please enter "one" for strongly agree 
              or "nine" for strongly disagree.


Useage Scenarios

Skip to a particular action

Can be used when you tell users "Press zero (or any other digit you designate) at any time to reach an operator." Place all nodes for which you want the catch tag to operate within the catch tag, and use the "goto" attribute in the catch tag to transfer to your operator.

Capture required information before hangup

Can also be used to finish running several nodes in the event of a hangup. Create a section of nodes you want carried out (such as stash tags, setvar tags, get tags if you wish to move information to a server to be acted upon), and set the "goto" attribute to the node name for that section. If the hangup occurs within the catch tag, the goto will execute.