Stores the varname and value for this call on the CallFire interface (in the Call Details Report). NOTE: the <stash> tag stores the contents of the variable in the Call Detail Report -- it does not make the contents available for later reference. To create a variable for later reference, see the <setvar>.


The data string associated with this varname once the call has ended. The value may be a specific string or a reference to a CallFire system variable such as ${call.lastinput} or ${myrecording}. The tag also supports basic math and Boolean expressions in JavaScript.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
varname Y any text The name assigned to the variable to contain the data.


The following example shows a menu where a user presses 1 and the system stashes a 1 into the variable 'question1'.

          Please enter "one" if you agree

The following is a dynamic example. The menu asks for an input and the system will store whatever the user enters into the 'question2' variable. The variable is then used in a get node to report back to their server.

          Please enter "one" for strongly agree 
          or "nine" for strongly disagree.