The basic element of CallFire XML — the “building block,” if you will — is what is known as the “tag.” The tag is a reference to a specific action — play something, go somewhere, transfer a call, get back a keypress, hangup — that can be accomplished within the script.

Tags can have various attributes, some optional, some required. Examples of optional attributes are “name” in most tags (except for tags, below), or “timeout” in <menu> tags. Examples of required tags are “type” in a <play> tag — this defines what kind of sound to play.

Tags use the “name” attribute to give the name to the mp3 file being created. For example,

would create the sound file myRecording.mp3.

The “content” or “value” of a tag is what specifically it does. Sometimes, this is a specific action (play a sound file), and sometimes it is to run a bunch of other tags, as with a <menu> tag or a <goto> tag.

Here is a list of the CallFire XML tags. Click on a tag name to see its detail page.

XML Tag Description
amd Answering machine detection

Google Analytics

catch Automatically jump to a set of nodes at a particular input or hangup
dialplan The root tag, contains all other tags
dnc Add numbers to your CallFire do-not-call list
dtmf Play touch-tones in your IVR
else Used with if tag, for conditional
equal Comparison tag, matches if equal
get Http get a URL
goto Jump to a section of your IVR
gotoXML Jump to a CallFire XML at the specified URL
gtalk Send a Google Talk message
hangup Hang up the call
if Conditional operations, executes if the statement is true
keypress Used with menu, executes if the digit is pressed
menu Receive input, presents the user with a menu
notEqual Comparison matches if not equal
play Play text to speech, CallFire Sound or an external sound
record Record the call or voice mail
setvar Store a variable for use in the IVR
stash Store a name and value for statistics
text Send out a text to a mobile device or many mobile devices
transfer Connect the call to a specified number
wait Inserts a defined pause into the IVR script at any point