Starts a sound file. Must be either a tts value (text-to-speech engine) or a sound file at 8khz 16bit Mono. The sound file can be a .wav, an .mp3, or a GSM file. If using tts, the actual text must be contained within the opening and closing tags.


If using an actual sound file, the value is the ID or URL to that sound file. If using tts, the value is the text to be read by the tts engine.

If the type attribute is callfireid, the value must be of type Long representing the CallFire Sound ID.

For a URL, the value must be a valid URL to the sound file.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
type Y callfireid, URL, tts This attribute establishes what type of file this is
voice N male1, female1, female2, femaleSpanish This attribute chooses the particular voice for the text-to-speech
cache Y true, false This attribute says whether or not to update the sound file information at each call



    Hello user ${call.lastinput}. 
    You have 12 credits left.