This tag creates a recording, either as input to a prompt, or as a recording of the entire phone call.


This is an empty self-closing tag.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
varname Y any text This will store the full path to the recording into a variable
background N "true" "True" records the entire phone call
timeout N number of milliseconds This will limit the recording to a certain length in number of milliseconds


Play a file and then record a message after the beep. The recording will be saved when the user hangs up or when they press the pound key (#).

      At the tone, please state your name clearly. 
      When you are finished, please press Pound.
<record varname="ClientName" />

Record an entire call in the background. The recording will stop when the call finishes on its own.

     <record background="true" />

Record a sound file and play it back to the user.

     Please record a message.
     <record varname="myrecording" />
     You recorded,