We all need a place to spread out and get stuff done. When creating a CallFire IVR, that place is called "the Workspace." It's where you drag and drop buttons, using our easy IVR Designer tool, to create the structure of your IVR. Or, you can use this important area to instead write your own XML.

The Workspace

As we learned earlier, once you access the main IVR Broadcast screen, you see tabs at the top of the page, and then the Save IVR, Load IVR, Show IVR Designer /Show XML Editor and Build it for me buttons. Below them, you see a grey-shaded area with XML code — the Workspace.

If you click the blue Show IVR Designer button, as you can see below, the button-based view of the IVR Designer appears. You'll note that a Play button replaces the XML code.

As you'll soon learn, this button-based interface makes creating a CallFire IVR a lot easier!