CallFire also allows you to easily obtain statistics for each campaign you run.

Campaign Statistics

Click on the CAMPAIGNS button in the top navigation bar.

This takes you to the All Campaigns page, and a list of your campaigns. Click on one of the blue links in the Campaign Name list to access the statistics for that campaign.


When you click on a blue link, it takes you to the Summary page for that campaign. In the upper-right corner, you'll see the All Time - Everything pulldown box, which allows you to sort your results by time period.

Let's take a closer look at the campaign statistics. Depending on your campaign type, and the options you chose, you may not see all of the following.

Call Dispositions

Full name Description
All Circuits Busy All lines were busy while attempting to make the call.
Answering Machine You selected the answering machine detection option, and the call went to an answering machine. Our system has left a message for you.
Busy The line was busy when the call was made.
Carrier Error The local telephone carrier is temporarily overloaded, or a high dialing speed to a certain location is causing the telecom provider to reject calls, or the phone number is disconnected.
Cost The total cost for all calls in your campaign.
Do Not Call The phone number is on your Do Not Call list. To read more about how Do Not Call works at CallFire, please click here.
Initial Transfer* The person you called initiated a transfer.
Live Answer The call was answered and detected to be a person. If answering machine detection is turned off, all connected calls are live answer.
No Answer The call was placed, but there was no answer from the receiving party.
Received Transfer* The transfer was received by your designated transfer number.
Transfer Rate The number of initial transfers divided by the number of live answers.
Cost per Transfer Cost divided by initial transfer. This is intended to the show the return on investment of outbound calls. It does not represent the charges for the transferred calls. In our example, a transfer was received for every $2.09 spent.
* A transfer disposition means that the person you called was transferred to your transfer number.