Grow Your Small Business Through Text Message Marketing

Running and marketing a small business can be daunting. As the small fish in a big pond, how do you make your presence known without breaking the bank? When determining how to advertise your business, it's important to keep up-to-date with the latest in small business marketing strategies, and staying engaged with your clients is essential to survival. Using a business SMS text messaging service is the most convenient, cost-effective way to achieve this. And as one of the leading small business marketing companies, CallFire makes it easy! Simply upload a list of opted-in contacts, write your message, and schedule an automated start-time for your bulk SMS campaign. Implementing text marketing strategies for small business affords a level of customer service and small business advertising usually reserved only for the big fish.

  • Tell customers about special offers and limited-time discounts
  • Announce new products to improve small business branding
  • Engage quickly and efficiently with new and existing customers
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Maximize your Retail Marketing Efficiency with Voice Broadcasting

One of the most effective small business marketing ideas has become communicating with customers through mass voice messaging. Not only does Voice Broadcast improve retail branding, it is one of the most efficient and personal ways to let customers know about your products and services, with purchase-by-phone options. Send pre-recorded messages to alert customers about store events, special offers, new products, and more. Simply upload a list of opted-in contacts, type your message (or use text-to-speech), then schedule or start your retail marketing campaign. Within minutes, the entire customer base receives your message. Rev up your retail business with a proven moneymaking mobile marketing strategy.

  • Improve client retention rates by offering discounts and special offers
  • Increase customer traffic and improve overall sales by marketing your small business through voice broadcast
  • Build personal relationships with customers by sending business related information, educational quotes, and other value added messages
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Spend Small and Track that Call

Small businesses often have small marketing budgets, which means there's not a cent to be wasted on costly advertising methods that don't provide a decent ROI. With Call Tracking, you can find out which marketing strategy is working by assigning different phone numbers to different marketing channels. Buy unlimited unique local and toll-free numbers from our database, and post each in a different marketing or advertising location. Then set those numbers up to forward calls to a number of your own, and set-up a whisper sound to distinguish which call tracking campaign the incoming call is coming from. On the back end, take a look at the detailed analytics. Now you can tell which advertising channel is attracting the most interest.

Use our call tracking software to:
  • Make your marketing strategy more cost-effective
  • Collect comprehensive call traffic data
  • Record inbound calls
  • Get email notifications from successful calls
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​Save Valuable Time with IVR Technology

A small business can now plan for large call volumes by using an easily-navigable phone menu for inbound or outbound use. An auto attendant can field FAQs and forward calls, freeing you up to grow your business without worrying about missing important new leads. CallFire’s small business service with hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is simple to set up. Record messages and build custom menus using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Use Interactive Voice Response to help you:
  • Route calls to the appropriate extension
  • Send personalized surveys and polls
  • Offer pay-by-phone options
  • Improve customer service with a virtual receptionist
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