Personalize your Hotel & Restaurant Marketing with Mass SMS Texting

With mobile being one of the fastest growing technologies today, it’s no wonder hotels, restaurants, and bars are using the latest in mobile marketing strategies to power their hotel and restaurant marketing ideas. A leading marketing strategy when it comes to communicating with customers on their mobile devices is of course mass SMS texting. With text message marketing, restaurants and hotels can take hotel and food advertising to a whole new level. Send bulk texts to alert customers about new menu items, events, special offers, and more. With CallFire's easy-to-use hospitality marketing solutions, simply upload a list of opted-in contacts, type your message, then schedule or start your hospitality marketing campaign. Within minutes, the message is received by an entire customer base. Rev up your hospitality business with a proven moneymaking mobile marketing strategy.

  • Improve repeat customer visits by offering restaurant promotions, hotel discounts, and special offers
  • Increase foot traffic and improve overall sales
  • Build personal relationships with customers by sending hospitality related information and creative value added messages
  • Engage effectively with all your customers simultaneously
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Optimize Employee Communication with Voice Broadcasts

Make communicating with your employees simple and quick with Voice Broadcasting. Send alerts and notifications to update employees on new products or services, policy changes, upcoming events, and more. Just upload your employees’ phone numbers, type your message (or use text-to-speech), then schedule or start your voice broadcast. Within minutes, your employees get the info they need, saving you time and energy to focus effort where it counts. Improve efficiency with this time-saving mobile communication technology.

  • Communicate quickly with employees regarding policies, alerts, and changes
  • Build better manager-employee relationships with consistent communication
  • Improve customer service and sales by distributing motivational messages
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Improve Customer Service with an Effective IVR solution

Eliminate customer confusion and employee-wasted time by creating a navigable phone menu for inbound or outbound use. Rather than answering the same questions over and over, have an auto attendant answer FAQs and transfer incoming callers to the appropriate extension with a simple keypress or voice response menu. Send outbound surveys and custom notifications to personalize the way you communicate with customers and enhance customer service. CallFire’s restaurant and hotel marketing services with hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are easy to set up. Simply record messages (or use text-to-speech) and build your custom menus and surveys through a simple drag and drop interface.

  • Build loyalty by letting customers make reservations or sign up for services using a keypress menu
  • Improve workplace efficiency by implementing a virtual receptionist and phone tree
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Analyze Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

Advertising in multiple locations is costly, but it’s even more costly not to understand which locations are driving incoming calls to your establishments. With CallFire’s Phone Number tracking services, find out which of your hospitality marketing strategies and advertising campaigns work and eliminate the ones that don’t. With some of the leading hotel and restaurant marketing services available, CallFire’s Call Tracking lets you monitor and forward inbound telephone calls that drive revenue. Purchase one (or thousands) of unique local and toll-free phone numbers from our database, and simply display one of these numbers on each of your advertising locations, whether its online or in a magazine, billboard, or newspaper. CallFire’s powerful reporting engine lets you track, forward, and record every phone call to keep your hotel, restaurant, nightclub, or sports bar growing efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Adjust ad spending according to statistics
  • Budget your hospitality marketing strategies by tracking sales
  • Optimize ROI by analyzing your hotel and restaurant marketing strategies
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