Important Notes on Answering Machine Only Campaigns

Can I disable the live answer message so that I only leave an answering machine message?

There are two important factors to bear in mind if you want to run an answering machine only campaign: one is legal, and the other financial.


When CallFire executes an answering machine only campaign, it must hang up on live answers. As a general rule, it is not permissable to hang up on live people if you are calling residences. Fines can be severe if you hang up on consumers. For this reason, answering machine only campaigns are almost exclusively used for business to business calling. Please see this link for more information.


Because CallFire must complete every phone call in order to determine if the recipient is a live person or an answering machine, you will be charged for all live answer calls in an answering machine only campaign. CallFire must stay on the line for several seconds to determine if it has encountered a real person or a machine. If it is a live person, no message will be left, but you will be charged for the connected call.