If you're the type who's afraid of commitment, a keyword from CallFire is perfect for you! When you no longer need a keyword, you can easily "release" it and stop your recurring monthly charge. Here's how.


Once you release a keyword, you will not be able to repurchase it for a month after the release becomes effective. For example, if your keyword is slated to auto-renew for another month on April 29th, and you release it on April 15th, you will still be able to use it until April 29th. However, you will not be able to repurchase it until May 29th. Therefore, please be sure of your decision before releasing.


Releasing a Keyword

As a convenience to our customers, CallFire's system automatically "renews" your keywords each month and bills you accordingly. However, you may decide that you no longer need a keyword.

To release (cancel the auto-renewal of) a keyword, let's begin with clicking on Numbers in the top navigation bar.

Doing so takes you to the Phone Numbers screen where, in the left-hand column, you will see Phone Numbers highlighted in orange. Click on Keywords just below it. This will take you to the Keywords screen, as seen below, where you'll see your various keywords listed.

Check the box of the keyword you would like to release, and then click on the downward arrow on the Auto-Renew button. As you see below, you are asked if you would like to turn auto-renew off for the selected records, which means keywords. Go ahead and click Off, which will cancel your auto-renew and therefore release your keyword. As stated earlier in the yellow warning box near the beginning of this help page, please be aware that you cannot repurchase a keyword for a month after its auto-renew date expires when released.

This takes you back to the Keywords page and the list of keywords. On the right side of the screen, you'll see the Status, Texts and Renewal date columns.

The green "On" means that the keyword is currently active. In the Renewal date column, green highlighting around the date means that the keyword is set to automatically renew on that date. Red highlighting means that your rental of the keyword will expire on that date, and your release went through properly.