People have responded to your advertisement, or have somehow become part of your Text Broadcast contact list. This is great! However, there are simple, but strict, legal requirements you must follow when you contact people in mass by text. You must offer them the chance to unsubscribe from future contact. This section will give you an overview of how opt outs help you fulfill your obligations.

Providing an Opt out

You must provide an option for recipients to unsubscribe, or "opt out," of future messages from you.

You do this by ending your first auto-reply, which we talked about in the previous section, with a statement that offers them the chance to unsubscribe and tells them how to do so.

Some examples of such opt outs might include ...

"Reply STOP [your keyword here] 2 opt out."

Or, as shown below, "Reply STOP [your keyword here] to unsubscribe from list."

The reason it is important to include the actual keyword in your message is that if a customer texts back with just "STOP," they will have unsubscribed from the entire shared CallFire shortcode, and thus from all the keywords anyone is using on it.

You may also check the box to add CallFire's generic opt out message.

Please note: CallFire is not a legal firm and is not authorized to officially dispense legal advice. You may want to contact an attorney if you have further legal questions.