CallFire offers different types of billing plans. Your per-minute rate for calls and texts are billed at different rates depending on the plan you select.  We offer a standard Basic Plan, as well as several tiered plans that include phone number(s) and/or keyword(s).  Below you will find an overview of how billing works. Please be sure to read the important information on plan terms so that you understand how your rates will change if you call over your allowance of minutes.

The CallFire Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is the basic CallFire option. Under this plan, you purchase credits to use as you need them.

Payments for keywords and phone numbers must be made with a credit card. We recommend you save a card in your account. If you do not, you will need to log in monthly and make a manual payment. All other charges are deducted from the credits in your account. Please note that Basic Plan minutes expire 18 months after purchase.

Click here to see a list of current pricing plans.


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Billing Plans and Allowances

CallFire also offers a number of specialized monthly plans. Each plan comes with three components:
  • Free Rentals  This can include one or more phone numbers and/or keywords
  • Call/Text Allowance  Your plan will come with a set amount of monthly minutes/texts.
  • Billing Rate  Each plan has specific, per-minute/text billing rates for all CallFire products
The allowance of minutes is valid for the billing cycle only. Any unused minutes expire at the end of the cycle. Also, please note that the per-minute/text billing rate is available only for the minutes in the call/text allowance. If you exceed your allowance, all additional minutes/texts will be billed at the Basic Plan rate. 

CallFire Billing Plans are dynamic, and they are frequently being improved and expanded. Click here to see a list of current plans.

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What Happens if I Call over My Allowance

If you exceed your allowance of minutes/texts and your account balance reaches $0, your calls and texts will stop. You will need to log into your account and add credits. Or, if you set up an auto-pay option, your card will be charged automatically. However, your calls will be billed at the Basic Plan rate.
Another option is to upgrade your plan. This will allow you to continue calling with better per-minute/text rates, according to the plan you select.

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Changing a Billing Plan

You can select a new plan on the Plan Usage page. If you select a plan upgrade, the new rates will take effect immediately. If you choose to downgrade your plan, it will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. Until then, you will continue to be billed at your current plan rate.

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