When naming variables, try to follow standard programming rules. That way, your variables will be usable within any programming language you need to send them to, whether php, .Net, Java, C++, C#, etc. Variables should begin with a letter, and are case-sensitive. Variables cannot have spaces. And many languages do not accept odd characters -- stick with alphanumeric variable names. Other allowable characters include the underscore ( _ ) or the dot ( . ).

There are two main "naming conventions" for multiword variable names. The first is to use underscores in between the words (in both cases, use abbreviations where possible):

"my_first_variable" or "user_app_no" (for "user application number").

The second convention uses run-on words, all lowercase, except capitals for all initial letters, except the first:

"myFirstVariable" or "userAppNo"

In naming the IVR nodes, We at CallFire recommend following variable name standards, combining the two methods, as follows (again, using abbreviations as possible):

nodetype_usefulName (node name, underscore, useful name as run-on word)


menu_Q1 (menu, question 1)