Variables in CallFire XML

All variables in CallFire XML follow the following format = ${variable_name}

System variables have the "call." prepended to each name. For example = ${call.callerid}

Reserved Variable List

Variable Description
call.callerid Caller ID of the incoming call.
call.callerid.alpha This is the alphanumeric caller ID on an incoming call.
call.dnis The phone number dialed for an incoming call.
contact.a References the column in the uploaded data for the user. For example, contact.A would reference the 'A' column of the Excel sheet used to upload the phone numbers for the campaign. Valid from 'A' to 'ZZ' This is the ID of the active call. Each call on CallFire has a unique ID.
call.lastinput The last digits that the user entered.
call.path An internal reference to the action being performed. This is referred to as the node path, and will show up in logs to help identify which node is executing.
call.phonenumber The phone number that is called. Used for outbound.

Date and Time

Date and time stamps can be created using the following variables. All times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The formula should look like = ${}

Variable Description Gives the date in month, day, year.
global.time Gives the time in hour:minutes:seconds
global.time.hour Gives the hour only.
global.time.hour.military Gives the hour in military time. Gives the month only. Gives the day of the month only. Gives the numeric day of the week only. Sunday is read as "1" and Saturday as "7." Gives the year only.

Reserved System Variables

CallFire currently has six reserved variables that are linked to your account contacts. These can be referenced in XML code as such:


${contact.x} is also allowed, where x references the column in the Excel file you are uploading.

For example, a play tag like this: Hello ${contact.firstName} ${contact.lastName}. Your account has a balance of ${contact.a}. would read your contact's full name, followed by the contents of the A column in the uploaded Excel file.

Localizing Date and Time Variables

A few date and time variables can be configured to your local time zone. Currently, these include:


All three are read as integers by the CallFire Play tag, so the text-to-speech will not read "January," but "1."

You can find a link to the appropriate TimeZoneIDs here:

For example, if you are on the west coast of the US, you can personalize the tags like this: