What is Cost per Sale?

CPS – Cost Per Sale or also known as PPS – Pay Per Sale, is an online advertising model based on each time a sale is made. For example, if a customer follows an affiliate link to the advertisers site and makes a purchase in accordance with the affiliate agreement, the publisher will get paid.

There are web technologies such as preditictive algorithms that can optimize cost per sale. Being able to predict the attributes of the ideal customer, companies can then utilize Cloud Call Center solutions to home in on those targets and get the most ROI. 

By earning a percentage of the sale, for example, the affiliate would simply have to implement the campaign, and in most instances, it is not a difficult or costly thing to do. The company, on the other hand, reaps the benefits of widespread exposure especially in affiliate networks that have many members, yet they only incur the cost when a sale is transacted.

To make the most out of each advertising campaign