Thursday, January 1, 2015

Many industries are still unfamiliar with the power of call tracking, particularly in financial services. The pros of call tracking are myriad, and marketers in the financial sector can easily benefit from incorporating this technology into their marketing current strategies. Call tracking allows marketers to analyze the effectiveness of offline marketing and telephone enquiries while utilizing the personal connection that marketers have been familiar with for many years – the telephone. By making a few small changes, financial marketers will quickly understand the effectiveness of call tracking in their business relationships.

Here are three ways that call tracking can improve financial marketing strategies.

Call Alert Software

With call tracking software, marketers can configure alerts that will warn them of high priority incoming calls. Call alerts can be tailored to inform you if the caller is a prospect or a loyal customer, allowing the salesperson to deliver the proper message to the client. Call alerts may also work in conjunction with any marketing campaign. For example, if you have sent out mailer ads via parcel post, your campaigns may be assigned unique incoming telephone numbers: this allows for an important metric of background information about the customer before an agent answers the call.

ROI Evaluation

As you know, ROI is what counts in marketing. Since leads are generated from many sources, marketers have to track these channels, both online and off, to determine which are effective and which need to be dropped. Call tracking allows you to assign unique numbers to different marketing campaigns, so you can easily track the return-on-investment for separate campaigns. Furthermore, call tracking has the capacity to be integrated with analytics programs like Google Analytics and AdWords. With call tracking it’s easy to look at the numbers and see where you are converting the most prospects.

Improve Sales Efficiency

With call tracking, you can record incoming and outbound calls for use in improving sales. Call recording allows managers to evaluate sales techniques, particularly effective campaigns, and customer service shortcomings. With call tracking software, mistakes can be fixed quickly. Sales advice can be built upon through experience, evaluation, and training. By using call recording software, marketers can radically improve conversion rates across the board.

If you are looking for a new way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, consider using unique forwarding numbers with call tracking. Financial marketers must stay aware of what’s working and what’s not, and the simple but effective use of call tracking helps them do just that.