Thursday, May 18, 2017

Non profit organizations and charities often work to the tightest of budgets. But SMS provide a cost-effective way for community groups of all sizes to connect with each other, with potential new members and with the wider community. Text messaging allows organizations to reach a wide audience effectively - all without spending a fortune.

Here are some simple ways for you to connect your community group better with SMS today:


Better Communication Instantly​

Text messaging makes it easy to send out mass messages, updates, alerts about events and meeting, schedule changes, messages of inspiration, motivation and more. With an SMS service, you can also divide your contacts into various groups based on who you want to reach - a mass text to existing members and another to a list of potential new members, for example. 

Because SMS is a two-way method of connecting, it also makes it easy for you to get feedback from group members, especially useful when you’re trying to coordinate meetings and schedules.


SMS is Simple To Use​

When groups are run by volunteers, the more efficiently you can get things done the better. A major advantage of SMS is that it’s so quick and simple to use. Managing large numbers of contacts is easy, and sending mass texts and alerts rather than having to laboriously contact each recipient individually saves valuable time.

Flexible Payment Options​

You can choose from a range of SMS service providers and products to find one that fits your usage and budget. Whether you want to pay as you go or opt for a money-saving monthly or yearly plan, the flexibility of SMS payment options makes it ideally suited to every community group’s needs.

Easy Subscription Lists​

Another way to boost efficiency is to create multiple subscription lists. You can create different categories and then send relevant texts to each category of contacts. You can divide groups up by location, role and more. 

Faster Communication​

The majority of text messages are read within three minutes, and texts have a 98% open and read rate. Because most of us carry our phones with us all the time, it’s often the best and quickest way to reach people. If you’re looking to pass on last-minute information, like schedule changes, or emergency contact details, your SMS is likely to be the fastest way to reach the recipients.

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