Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Consumers are plagued with skepticism when it comes to the auto repair industry. However, the intimate screen of a smartphone could put those same consumers at ease. According to the Pew Research Center, most users view their smartphone as “freeing, connecting, helpful,” and they don’t mind paying a premium to get these services. By connecting the auto industry more intimately with smartphones, it’s possible to overcome common consumer skepticism, and even grow your auto repair business. More specifically, SMS marketing for auto repair can build loyalty with current clients, and encourage growth from smartphone carrying consumers. 

Let’s look at a few ways SMS marketing can grow your auto repair business:

Stay Connected 

It’s unfortunate that a consumer’s mood is already bleak when they bring in their car; they assume it’s going to be expensive, inconvenient, and if they don’t know much about cars, the experience can lead to a total breakdown. Even worse, consumers that don’t feel confident with their own car knowledge may assume they’re being taken advantage of. 

To overcome this problem, it’s up to the auto repair service company to establish trust and build a relationship with their clients through various means of communication. Being helpful is a great way to build trust; things like appointment reminders, and repair updates, all of which can be done via SMS messaging. You can also get instant feedback from customers, have them take surveys, which provide important customer feedback using an interface they’re most comfortable using. 

With SMS marketing, the auto repair service industry can dig into the personal space of consumer smartphones and become part of their daily conversations. By being helpful, your business can focus on pleasing current consumers, which will help spread the word that your shop is a trusted resource for auto service. 

Information at a Glance 

Getting into the conversation is a big deal, but so is the contribution your auto service makes to that dialogue. You know you want to be helpful, but what exactly should you say? We’ve already covered the usefulness of keeping consumers organized with regards to scheduling and reminders, but SMS marketing really comes alive when you make special offers to people using the service. 

Making it easy for consumers to take advantage of quick sales, or special offers is another great way to build a relationship.Information and special offers can be seen at a glance thanks to SMS marketing for auto repair. With more than 95% of texts read by their user, SMS is more effective than email marketing and traditional direct mail marketing. Plus, you’ll save a fortune on paper mailers and postage by switching to SMS marking.

The auto repair industry in particular has much to gain from meeting consumers in the favorable space of their smartphones. By getting involved via text messaging, you’ll be able to please your customers, and grow your business by helping consumers stay organized, have their voice heard, and rewarding these behaviors with special promotions.