Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When an environmental disaster strikes, it’s always a shock, even if a community is prepared for the worst. The aftermath of these disasters always includes those looking to help, whether via monetarily, food supply or other donations. SMS disaster aid campaigns are increasingly popular as they offer quick and easy ways to learn about the event/situation and provide support.

Before the digital age, relief efforts and aid easily took weeks if not months to arrive at communities derailed by the elements like flood, earthquake, Tsunami, hurricane or tornado. Now providing support is as easy as clicking a button, as SMS texting allows users to make donations and participate in relief efforts through their cell phones. A recent example is the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, a Category 5 tropical cyclone in the Philippines that left serious destruction in its wake. People immediately began donating to disaster relief campaigns through their phones.

Once upon a time, SMS campaigns were considered tools solely for companies looking to increase business and maintain positive relationships with current clientele. This is no longer the case! SMS campaigns now serve those in need of disaster relief as well as those interested in helping. After all, texting a keyword to a certain code and donating $5 or $10 per text is pretty darn simple and inexpensive! And since most people have their cell phones on them at all times, making a donation has never been easier. Forget waiting to donate because computer access is required--making a donation these days is as effortless as pulling a phone from a bag or pants pocket.

In addition to simplifying the whole donation process, SMS campaigns also make learning about a tragedy and staying abreast of new developments incredibly user-friendly. Typhoon Haiyan is again an example, as people in the local community served as “iReporters,” texting stories and updates to radio stations through SMS codes. Such first-person accounts certainly inspires people to act!

Making a difference is now as uncomplicated as sending a text, making bulk SMS texting campaigns a fantastic way to ensure relief gets where it needs to go as quickly as possible.