Monday, August 5, 2013

Despite the overall steady economic growth since the 2008 financial crisis, events like the recent bankruptcy of Detroit remind us that the real estate industry is still fragile. As realtors may struggle to put up “sold” signs, a new wave of innovations have surfaced to give a helping hand to the market--cloud telephony solutions.

As a real estate agent, you probably want the most cutting edge technology to improve your business. Recently, the use of a voice broadcasting system and SMS text messaging for real estate marketing have proved beneficial.

Think about this interesting fact, text messaging have a 98% open rate with 95% being opened within the first five minutes. If your agency, or you, used this strategy, you will ensure that prospective buyers receive your notifications therefore boosting your mortgage leads.

Similarly to SMS text messaging, a voice broadcasting system is sent instantly and received instantly. A Voice Broadcast message will even be left on a voicemail box if the person does not answer. Voice broadcast messages are most convenient to leads who refuse to avidly use texting.

You can even offer a key-press or touch-tone menu through and Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). Whenever you send out messages from your other campaigns, it will allow leads to communicate back with you or even make payments.

Because agents tend to build personal relationship with their prospects, it is probably a good idea to record your own voice for both your IVR menus and your Voice Broadcasts to strengthen loyalty.

It may feel like a gamble to try these campaigns but there is a way to track the success (or failure) of all your campaigns. With a call tracking solution, you can buy toll-free numbers to place on ads, wherever that may be, and analyze the results. It even lets you view your Google Analytics so you can budget better and increase your sales.

The most common but yet possibly most useful tool for realtors is an autodialer. When realtors manually dial lead after lead it can become inefficient and exhausting. Rather than spending time with a mundane task, a system like the Cloud Call Center can help streamline the efficiency of your real estate business. The system will automatically dial four leads at a time while leaving messages for unanswered calls so that you can get to more leads quicker.

Since cloud technologies is very affordable, they are ideal for those who are still establishing themselves, for those who need to improve their marketing strategies, or for those who want to improve the ROI and enhance their client’s experience.