Thursday, May 16, 2013
One of the most important and integral branches of a business is its accounts receivable department. A business can’t function without it. Often times, it’s a necessary unpleasantness, if you will, as no one likes receiving late notices in their mailbox or robocalls from collections, but these attempts have to be made nonetheless in order to properly run a business and make money.

Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive infrastructure to make call after call or send out payment reminders in the mail each and every day.

Some business owners try to cut costs by using email as a means to an end, but email can easily be trashed or marked as spam and so your inexpensive attempt at getting paid vanishes into the void.

Businesses can benefit from a more efficient telephony-based solution. They can gain an advantage over companies that pay monthly installments to corporate and domestic service providers and everything in between.

What CallFire’s telephony solutions can do for collections departments everywhere is:
  • Increase debt recovery rates
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve agent effectiveness
With CallFire, you can tailor campaigns to fit your specific needs. You have the freedom to design the exact kind of message you wish to send out, be it SMS text messaging or Voice Broadcast. With the added layers of Interactive Voice Response (touch-tone response) and the Cloud Call Center, you can increase customer service by giving the client even more options to choose how to handle their account.

CallFire’s Cloud Call Center’s outbound predictive dialer increases your agent’s effectiveness by offering a means to access important account information to better help the client and the company. A simple, easy-to-use interface provides the agent with the facility to access debtor information, like call history, scripts, notes, contact information and more. With this type of efficiency, you can reduce operational costs rather than making manual calls, losing time and money. Advanced SMS text messaging, voice broadcast phone calls, Cloud Call Center and IVR, when used right, makes the process of debt collection more efficient, effective and affordable.