Monday, April 1, 2013

Does your assistant have a stash of cough drops on their desk? Perhaps it is time to alleviate them from some of their phone duties by using a virtual receptionist through IVR system. Decisiveness can make life easier. With IVR, customers can get to the point by choosing exactly where they want to be transferred through an automated menu that you can easily create. If you don’t feel like creating it, let CallFire build your IVR for you.

Many are concerned with robotic voices that may not seem ideal when it comes to building a personal relationship with your caller. With CallFire, you have the option to record your own voice so it really is you. Not only will your callers appreciate a quick transfer, your agents will save time by not having to recite a repetitive script nor will customers fuss through line transfers.

Often times, agents will spend hours of their time tracking down specific customers or clients for promotional or billing purposes. This process can become tedious and repetitive for the agent. CallFire will do this dirty work. IVR will contact your customers with a message about their account status or your promotions with a message and a phone tree that you setup. The call is scheduled automatically, and the agent simply waits for a response from a customer without ever dialing a single digit. Many clients have significantly improved their results from using outbound IVR.

If your agency is concerned with customer service, you can create an outbound poll to ask your leads or clients how satisfied they are with your insurance company or just about any questions you may have to improve your business. Basically, you can keep nudging through surveys so that you can achieve a higher customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Never fear if you are tech illiterate, CallFire’s IVR software was created in a way that is user-friendly and simple. All it takes is some dragging of icons, inputting data, and choosing the perfect tune for your callers to hear while they are transferred to your agents.