Sends out call(s) for the campaign specified.

Important Notes:

If you want the calls to go out immediately without starting the campaign: Run this function one time for each phone number.

This function will execute a 'campaign start' if more than one number is sent to this API. You'll want to make sure you call a 'campaign stop' ({campaignid}/stop) at the proper time to ensure you don't dial outside of restricted dialing times.


HTTP Method


Content Type



Parameter name Required Description
apikey Y The API key that is registered with your account
numbers Y New-line separated list of numbers. Each line can have a comma separated list of data. E.g. 2132212289,Thomas,Watson\n3106227076,Alexander,Bell

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes">

    Calls Sent

Sample C# Code

Before using this code:

  1. Download the PostRequest.cs file: here
  2. Replace the {CampaignId} in the code given below with your campaign id
PostSubmitter post = new PostSubmitter();
post.Url = "{CampaignId}/call";
post.PostItems.Add("apikey", "YOUR_API_KEY");
post.Type = PostSubmitter.PostTypeEnum.Post;
string result = post.Post();
Console.WriteLine("Result is");