The CallFire White Label Service allow White Label customers programmatically to manage their users and automate typical user administration tasks.




Creates a user.


Parameter name Required Description
key Y String key API Key for the account.
userObject Y complex type See below.

UserObject attributes

Attribute Required Values Description
firstName Y any text First name of the user
lastName Y any text Last name of the user
phone Y any text phone number of the user.
ext Y any text extension of the user. Can pass in empty strings.
email Y any text Email of the user, will also serve as their login.
chargePerMin Y double Any positive double value.
companyName Y any text Name of the user's organization.
password Y any text password for the user's login
increment Y double Billing increment of the user, must be a positive value
defaultThreshold Y double The default CPM that every campaign created by the user will be assigned.
accountBalance Y double Starting credit to give the customer


Attribute Required Values Description
txnCode Y 200 (Success), 400 (Bad Request), or 500 (Internal Error) n/a
txnMessage Y <userid>,<userapikey> Returns the user id as well as the user's API key seperated by a comma

Sample Java Code

public static void main(String[] args) 
	String apikey ="YOUR_KEY";
	WhiteLabelService_Service service = new WhiteLabelService_Service();
	WhiteLabelService httpPortType = service.getWhiteLabelServiceHttpPort();
	UserObject object = new UserObject();
	populateValues( object );
	ResponseMessage response = httpPortType.createUsers( apikey, object  );
	System.out.println( response.getTxnMessage().getValue().toString() );
	ResponseMessage response1 = httpPortType.addAccountBalance( apikey,object );
	System.out.println( response1.getTxnMessage().getValue().toString() );

private static void populateValues(UserObject object) 
	ObjectFactory of = new ObjectFactory();
	object.setFirstname( of.createUserObjectFirstname( "JJ") );
	object.setLastname( of.createUserObjectLastname( "Abrams") );
	object.setAccountBalance( of.createUserObjectAccountBalance("5"));
	object.setChargePerMin( of.createUserObjectChargePerMin( ".035") );
	object.setCompanyname( of.createUserObjectCompanyname("EezLand"));
	object.setDefaultTreshold( of.createUserObjectDefaultTreshold( "50") );
	object.setEmail( of.createUserObjectEmail( "") );
	object.setExt( of.createUserObjectExt( "213") );
	object.setIncrement( of.createUserObjectIncrement( "60" ) );
	object.setPassword( of.createUserObjectPassword( "temp" ) );
	object.setPhone( of.createUserObjectPhone( "2135556678" ) );
	object.setUserid( of.createUserObjectUserid( "1443") ); // needed only for addAccountBalance operation

Sample Response

Credit added successfully