Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tracking, tracking, tracking. If you are in the business of marketing, then you know your latest strategy is only as good as your ability to track it. In the instance of inbound calls, you’ve got to have an excellent system in place, as well as support to back it up. But how do you know which keywords resonate best with which customers? It’s a matter of tracking.

Competition is burgeoning in the business world, and with all of the options available to the consumer via the internet, things are moving faster than ever. Without a good technique for optimization, your business could be missing the mark. When it comes to SEO, you have to be on the cutting-edge of technology when tracking your marketing strategies. Keyword-Level Call Tracking is the solution.

Which keywords are converting?

When someone searches a topic relevant to your site, it’s of course essential that your web pages are search optimized so they show up high in the search queue. Every SEO marketer is looking for the perfect set of keywords to garner enormous attention, surely. But sometimes it’s hard to know the trends: different people search using different keywords, and people might just be changing the way they search for things. With the right kind of tools, these trends can also be tracked.

Keyword-Level Call Tracking provides you with the specific clues regarding how people search. The SEO analytics will illuminate the exact search keywords that brought your pageviews. But how do you know which pages are then converting into customers that actually call? It’s simple. By placing different call tracking phone numbers on each search optimized landing page, you can then track exactly which pages, and hence which keywords, are ultimately driving the most amount of calls and sales.

A/B Testing

By tracking these conversions, you can see how actual web visitors respond to your calls-to-action and page designs. That way you can A/B test different designs, different calls-to-action, different copy, etc. to find out which pages and what sort of copy are driving the most amount of calls. By testing, tracking, and analyzing where the calls are coming from, not only will your site be search optimized, it will also be conversion optimized. And isn’t that what truly counts?

Call Tracking is a simple solution to customer conversion tracking. With the ability to purchase countless virtual call tracking numbers that all forward to the main line, you will know who called and from what number, when and where, and exactly which pages they responded to. You’ll have everything you need to tweak your site and cater to your customers. Call Tracking for SEO is certainly the next step in your search marketing success.