Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How do you turn the New Year’s bump into long-term loyalty? It’s one of the most common issues for gyms across the country: sign-up rates surge in January, fuelled by our New Year’s resolutions, only to decrease over the course of the year.


But mobile marketing is a simple workout you can use to boost your gym’s fitness all year long. Here are 5 mobile marketing tactics for gyms that improve customer loyalty and business performance. 


Keep your Members Informed


Customers love convenience. As our smartphones become our personal organizers, make the most of it and use SMS messaging to send the latest class schedules to customers. They’ll appreciate how easy you’re making it for them to figure out their weekly schedule. And texts are perfect for last minute schedule changes. If a class needs to be cancelled or delayed, a quick text - far more likely to be read there and then than an email - is far better than members showing up to the gym disappointed.


SMS Personal Training


As we get used to apps making our lives easier, carefully considered text messages from your gym can play a part too. As members fitness levels change, their personalized fitness regime does too. Talk to members about incorporating text reminders, for morning workout sessions, for example, to keep them motivated and help them adjust to tweaks made to their personalized plan.


Nutrition Tips


Working out goes hand in hand with healthy eating when it comes to getting in shape. Sticking to a diet long term can be a challenge, but you can add value to your gym service by incorporating SMS diet tips for members who’ve opted in. Personalized nutrition plans can be sent straight out via text, alongside inspiring ideas for healthy, tasty meals and snacks, and shopping lists to make life easier for members.


Quiet Time Alerts


Let members opt in to receive texts from you when the gym is quiet. This mobile marketing tactic can help to boost business during these quiet hours, alerting local members that it’s a great time to drop by and work out in peace. Members will also really appreciate your useful alerts, especially more self-conscious members who are anxious about working out during peak hours.


Cross Marketing 


Many gyms and fitness centers offer add-on services like sports massage or nutritionist services. Use SMS to let members know when your massage therapist is in this week. Got a flash sale happening in your gym’s store, or a promotion happening in your gym’s cafe?  The quickest way to reach every member who might be interested is via text.


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