Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Political leaders know all too well that activism is always highest during elections and other events, but often wanes soon after. Advocacy organizations must ask themselves: “How can we keep our voters and partners continuously engaged and feeling like they’re a crucial part of creating change?” The answer is to reach out to them with the proven strategy of just calling them!

There are 3 key reasons that calling is one of the most effective marketing solutions available:
  • People get 121 emails per day, making it tough to get noticed
  • 57% of people think “cold emails” are spam without ever opening it
  • Calls are responded to 270 times more often than emails (8.1 to .03)
CallFire provides three tools that can help political and advocacy groups drive engagement among contacts, and even expand their reach:

Voice Broadcast - This lets you send personalized, recorded voice messages (or ones selected from a pre-recorded database) to all your contacts at once. You can send right away or schedule a message for a future delivery. Voice broadcasting is an effective solution for raising awareness of issues, offering ways people can help, donation and volunteer info, event times, and more. You can even customize your message for when calls go to voicemail.

Interactive Voice Response - Also known as IVR, this solution delivers a higher level of engagement by enabling contacts to make selections using their phone’s keypad. IVR can be used to learn what issues are most important to voters and members, send polls or surveys, and even confirm attendance at special events.

Call Tracking - What good are all these tools if you can’t gauge their ROI? Call tracking enables you to purchase local and toll-free numbers and track their effectiveness in your different campaigns. As a best practice, you can place one number on billboards, another on flyers, etc., and see which leads to the most interaction among contacts. Leverage your newfound knowledge and research into the opportunity to refine your message to what resonates most with your supporters.

The features of these tools are simple to learn and incredibly effective. They also help difference-makers rise above the communication fracas and deliver an impactful message that breaks through the clutter. Perhaps most imperative to the mission is that

CallFire’s tools can help organizations small and large - school boards to national campaigns - deliver their message in an effective, cost-efficient way. Learn more about how these tools can boost ability to engage with supporters by calling our Client Success Managers at (800) 897-3473.