Friday, December 15, 2017

Marketing your automotive business is not as easy as handing out a flier or sending a quick email. It's more difficult to advertise your services because your customers may not actually need you until they have car troubles. And when that happens, they are likely not in the greatest mood. 

To improve your marketing and generate new business, leverage strategies that keep your business top of mind, so when the time comes to seek out a service provider, your potential customers will remember your brand first. Here are some ways to improve your automotive marketing strategy and encourage customers to choose you over your competitors.

1. Incentivized referrals

Voice broadcasting

A recommendation from a trusted friend is powerful, especially when combating people’s skepticism of the automotive industry. 

After servicing happy customers, but before you send them on their way, let them know that you would appreciate a referral. Also, include your referral program details on invoices and in-store signage, so it gets more exposure. To encourage participation, give away an incentive for each referral to show customers you value their business. A gift card or free car wash are good incentives.

To remind customers of your referral program, gather the contact information of your satisfied customers (with their permission) and add them to your notifications lists. Without spamming, send occasional messages reminding them of promotions, discounts and special deals. In the messages, remind them of your referral incentives.

2.  Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting

Improving your marketing can be as simple as using a cost-effective mass communication service like voice broadcasting. Instead of manually calling each customer, save time and money with voice broadcasting and contact all of your customers simultaneously. The entire auto-dialing process takes only minutes to execute. Use voice broadcasting to remind customers of exclusive promotions and update them on any special discounts. To increase efficiency, use the technology to also remind customers of payments and upcoming maintenance. 

3. Create a website

A business website is similar to a business card. It displays your professionalism and helps potential customers visualize your company and what it offers. It also positions your company as credible and worthy of contacting.

If prospects search online for a local automotive shop, before they make their choice, they will review your website to get the answers to these questions:

  • Can I trust this company?
  • Are they reputable and reliable?
  • What are their hours?
  • How can I contact them?
  • Do they have any positive reviews?
  • How long have they been in business?

The more you can eliminate uncertainty from their minds with your website, the higher the likelihood that they will give you their business. Adding website elements like positive reviews, contact and business information, photos of friendly people servicing customers and any professional association badges will remove initial skepticism. Instilling trust is the key to turning a website visitor into a qualified lead. 

Improving your marketing is as simple as implementing strategies that keep your brand top of mind and save you money on costly promotional strategies. As mentioned, voice broadcasting is a simple and affordable way to save time on manual calls and streamline your operations. CallFire is an industry leader in providing small businesses with the tools they need to cut costs, increase efficiency and boost their bottom line. If you want to improve your marketing and try CallFire’s voice broadcasting solution, sign up for a free account. Getting started is quick and easy, and we are here to help every step of the way.

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