Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter is just around the corner, and for businesses, this means potential power outages and occasional disruptions. Though storms cause chaos and have the potential to disrupt operations, they do not have to dismantle your team. With the right communication systems, you can maintain order and keep your team connected as you head into the winter months.

Voice Broadcasting

One of the best methods for maintaining effective communication during winter disruptions is voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is a mass communication tool that delivers your messages to all of your contacts simultaneously. Within seconds, send your message to your entire workforce, and alert them of any business updates and changes.

Benefits of voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is cost-effective and requires only an internet connection and a phone to implement. For pennies a call, you can save time and resources calling everyone at once instead of investing resources to manually dial dozens of people.

Using voice broadcasting software is also quick and easy. Create a message or use text-to-speech which translates your text into a human voice message. Then upload your contact list, and click to send. Set up your calls to automatically redial if a recipient does not pick up the phone. In your analytics, you can also check which recipients did not get your message, and try to get a hold of them using alternate methods.

Segment your voice broadcasting campaigns based on roles and positions. For example, you may need to update different members of your team with different messages. Maybe an update should only go to your sales team instead of every employee. Segment your contacts into role-based groups to customize your communication and target your messaging.

Emergency Notifications

Voice broadcasting is also essential during emergencies when you need to contact all of your employees quickly. If the power goes out and you need to close your office location, manually calling all of your employees could take hours. This could put their lives in danger if they try to drive in inclement weather to get to work. Voice broadcasting automates your calls and gets your messages to all of your staff in seconds. 

Bob’s Stores is no stranger to seasonal emergencies. The company’s stores are located in the Northeastern U.S. where seasonal disturbances can be harsh and problematic. Hurricane Sandy was the most devastating hurricane of 2012, and Bob’s Stores was caught right in the middle of its path. Thankfully, the company implemented CallFire’s voice broadcasting solutions just before the hurricane hit which left millions of people without power. Using voice broadcast, Bob’s Stores was able to message its entire workforce and alert them that the stores closed, preventing anyone from driving in treacherous conditions. 

Company updates are important, and they can even save lives. Don’t put your team in unnecessary danger this season. Using CallFire’s voice broadcasting solutions, you can quickly call your team members and ensure they are aware of important company updates. If you would like more information on how you can use voice broadcasting to simplify and accelerate your company notifications, sign up for a free account here.

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