Friday, November 10, 2017

Mobile marketing is no longer just a cool new business strategy to try. With consumers spending more than 15 hours a week researching products on their smartphones, mobile marketing should be a necessary component of every small business' marketing strategy.

But, it’s also expensive to compete with the big boys and get a piece of the mobile consumer pie. You need strategies that are proven to work and that won’t break the bank. Here are five cost-effective solid mobile marketing strategies to try for your small business. 

Mobile marketing

1. Text marketing

Text marketing is an affordable mobile marketing solution that packs a big punch. It will help you reach a larger percentage of your customers quickly and target them where they are most likely to see your messages—their mobile phones. And with a 98% open rate for text messages, you can get your messages in front of more people and increase engagement and visibility. Use text marketing to notify customers about new discounts, in-store promotions, and limited-time sales.

2. Voice broadcasting

Mobile marketing

Voice broadcast enables you to send custom voice messages to all of your contacts simultaneously, saving you time and money on manual calls. Known as one of the most personal ways to connect with customers, voice broadcasting also helps you build relationships with customers and create an environment of trust. When your customers trust you, they will be more compelled to purchase from you. Send special discounts and offers, educational information, notifications and other related messages. With purchase-by-phone options, send product-related messages and alert customers about new products, store events and more.

3. Call tracking

Is your marketing working? If you don’t know which mobile marketing campaigns are working and which ones are falling flat, you are wasting money on failing campaigns. Call tracking provides analytics for your campaigns by assigning phone numbers to each of your marketing channels so you can assess which ones are garnering the most attention. Call tracking also enables you to record calls to review how your customer service team performs. 

4. Mobile coupons

Add mobile coupons to your promotional messages to customize your customers' mobile experience. With custom coupon codes, you can also track the purchases that resulted from your promotional codes. In addition, try mobile coupon applications and create custom links that lead to a landing page where your customers can redeem your coupons. Customers can then visit your store and show you their coupons during purchase. 

5. Yelp

Mobile marketing

The reviews site, Yelp, can be a valuable resource to help you target people who live in your local area. Use the Yelp application to advertise your business to locals and/or offer free products or promotional discounts right through the app as incentives to visit your establishment. Customers can also contact you directly from the app by visiting your website or calling you. 

Ready to supercharge your mobile marketing? Take advantage of these five proven strategies and start generating more revenue. If you would like to get some strategies in motion right now, CallFire offers text marketing, voice broadcasting and call tracking solutions—three powerhouses that can help you reach more of your customers and grow your bottom line. And getting set up with our solutions is fast and easy. First, sign up for a free account and we will help you once you are inside.