Friday, December 16, 2016

Getting people to opt-in to your SMS subscriber list is only the first step. To make your text marketing campaign valuable, you must be able to retain subscribers with the intention of converting them or keeping them as loyal customers. Understanding your subscribers is vital for your business’s prosperity, so delve into your data to segment your SMS marketing list.

Track Your Customers

One sure way to repel customers is by saturating them with too much of your presence. Each channel can provide a unique purpose for your brand and therefore should not be replicas of each other. It is in your best interest to track which customers are subscribed to which channels to avoid an overlap. For subscribers who follow you on every channel, fun texts that reflect your brand may be ideal whereas those subscribed to only one channel may find more value in sales texts. Or, if your customer prefers to engage with you in-store, you can offer one-of-a-kind text coupons to be used when in the store.

Get Personal

If you’d like to get creative and invest time in developing a personal relationship with your customers, you have the option to customize your text messages. Depending on how customized you’d like to get, you can create groups for subscribers to celebrate events such as one year subscription anniversaries, December birthdays, or reaching rewards milestones. These text messages can include a thank you coupon, making the message truly exclusive. 

Understand Demographics

Collecting demographic information can improve how you market to your subscribers. You can create subscription lists for subscriber’s age, identified gender, location, or income, and offer these groups unique content based off this information. However, your campaigns should not be limited by assumptions made from this information, nor should they be offensive. If you’d like to know how your subscriber prefers to communicate or what sort of content they like better, a text survey should suffice. 

Know Your Big Players

Tracking SMS engagement can secure brand loyalty. By monitoring which subscribers redeem coupons or shop through your call-to-actions within texts, you can segment the frequent users into one group and offer them VIP access or special deals. 


Subscribers can be put into multiple subscriber lists to enhance their experience with your brand, but should not receive too many texts per month. It is essential to nit-pick your customers’ shopping and engagement habits or surveys to create the best possible text marketing campaign for each customer.