Monday, December 5, 2016

It is imperative that children, young adults, and adults be involved and supported in the arts, sports, or any other extracurricular activities throughout their education. As you are aware, your booster club is crucial for maintaining these organizations. To be sure that your club is well-funded, represented, and functional, text marketing is an inexpensive tool that should be implemented. Consider these tips, and get texting!

Create a Text-to-Donate Campaign

Whenever you have a booth where you represent your team, club, or organization, you can make it known that you are accepting donations to support the group. Make it easy for supporters to donate by advertising a text-to-donate option. Having a physical interaction, adding a face to your organization, may influence people to donate while they are in involved in the activity or in your presence.

Boost Your Supporter List

Although it is helpful to receive one-time donations from the occasional supporter, developing a solid supporter list will be a boon. Advertise your SMS keyword to get people to sign up for text communication. When someone subscribes to your text marketing list, send an automatic welcome message with a link to donate to your organization on your website. Most importantly, keep in touch. Let your supporters in on any team updates and invite them to all events.

Send Text Alerts About Fundraisers

Once you have consent from people to receive text messages from your booster club, you can begin to announce fundraisers via SMS. About 98% of texts are opened, and done so within minutes, so use this to your advantage. Send out alerts the day before your fundraiser and a reminder an hour before. Whether you decide to raise money through a car wash, munchies sale, or whatever you choose, you can increase attendance or sales with a simple text message.  

Run a Survey to Improve Support 

Let supporters help you better attract more supporters. After an event or fundraiser, send a text message survey to see how they liked (or did not like) their experience with your club. Following the survey, ask what sort of fundraisers they would enjoy next time. If you get plenty of similar ideas, use them. You want to hold on to your supporters for as long as you can, and if your supporters feel as though they are involved, they may invite others to support your booster club. 


People are constantly using mobile, and many people prefer to communicate through SMS now, so why not make good use of this phenomena? Using text message marketing for your booster club can improve your relationships with supporters as well as increase your donations.