Thursday, November 24, 2016

Owning or operating a construction company leaves little to no time for anything else. There are a plethora of responsibilities on your plate, from setting up potential projects to managing employees. So, how do you effectively get the word out about your biz? With these mobile marketing tactics, you can efficiently gain more clients and get your name on the map in a big way.

Determine Your Objective

The first thing you have to do for any marketing plan is determine your goals and strategies to get all your ducks in a row. Know whom you want to target, where these people are located, and what products and services you want to be seen. 

Special Offer Opt-Ins

Discounted rates, free gifts, and specials are always great incentives to get people acquainted with your brand. To encourage new users to opt in to your mobile marketing campaign, offer them a discount on your construction company services, such as 15 percent off an entire job or free windowpane upgrade.

Get Their Opinions

One great way to excel in the area of customer service is to know where you stand with your clients. Send current clients a quick survey to fill out in order to get their thoughts and opinions about your brand. After you do a job for a new client, text a survey to see what he or she thought about your work. Not only can this give you valuable insight into what your construction company is doing right or wrong, but you can also use the positive reviews on your website.

Send Them Images of Your Work

Showcase images of your past and current projects quickly and easily by displaying them in picture messages. This helps potential clients easily see your portfolio right on their phones without having to browse your website.

Geo-Target Customers

You can easily find new customers in your area through geo-targeted mobile messaging. Be sure to include a link to your contact page so that they can easily find you, too.

With mobile marketing tactics, you can efficiently and thoroughly market your construction company to gain more potential clients. From showcasing your past work to getting reviews for your company from customer surveys, the possibilities are endless!